Oxford PID Programme


The University of Oxford’s Department of Paediatrics graduate programme draws on world-class research and teaching in paediatric infectious diseases and offers a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of the principles that underpin paediatric infection, the ways in which those principles have developed, and to translate this understanding into good clinical and research practice.

The courses included are:

PGCertificate in Paediatric Infectious Diseases – a one-year part-time alternative to the PGDiploma, which will appeal to general paediatricians and trainees in paediatrics, i.e. ED and PICU and including those taking the RCPCH SPIN module.
PGDiploma in Paediatric Infectious Diseases – a two-year, part time course with primarily online teaching and a couple of residential components, aimed at those working in specialist PID centres.
MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases – a one-year, part time extension to the PGDiploma for those interested in continued training in the sup-specialty.