There are a signficant number of bursaries available for IIC 2024 to facilitate attendance at the meeting. Bursaries range from a £100 discount to a full scholarship consisting of registration fee, travel and accommodation – and all the range in between. Please note that accommodation and travel bursaries are generally only awarded to delegates from resource-limited countries.

Eligibility for IIC Bursaries:

  • those in training posts
    and / or
  • students enrolled in the Oxford University PG Diploma or PG Certificate in PID 


Funding of bursaries

The majority of the bursaries are funded by ESPID and are reserved for ESPID members therefore we highly recommend that you join ESPID if you aren't a member already! There are also some bursaries funded by BPAIIG reserved for BPAIIG members, and some funded by IIC itself.

We especially welcome applications from trainees from 'resource limited countries' (as per ESPID's definition, you can find a list of those countries here).


Bursary application: important note

**Please DO NOT register and pay if you are applying for a bursary until you are notified of the outcome of your application. You are guaranteed the early bird registration fee whatever the outcome of your bursary application.**

Full details of how to register and pay will be provided once the bursary allocation has been made, you will be notified in March 2024.


How to apply for a bursary: 

**Please read this information carefully and follow ALL the steps. If you fail to complete the process within the required timeframe, your application will not be accepted**

1. Complete the online application form (the link is at the end of this list.) **Do not register for the course at this stage – all bursary applicants are guaranteed the early bird rate regardless of the outcome of their application.**

2. Be sure to complete the process right to the end: you'll receive an automated email upon successful completion.

3. Then, email a PDF of an up-to-date CV to iic@paediatrics.ox.ac.uk with your surname + 'bursary application' as the subject. Please name the document with your last name.

4. You'll receive an email from iic@paediatrics.ox.ac.uk to confirm your application once your CV is received. If you haven't heard anything after 2 weeks, please email iic@paediatrics.ox.ac.uk.

5. The application form must be completed and CV received by us by 31st January 2024, 23.59 GMT at the latest. There are no exceptions to this deadline.

6. You will be notified of the outcome of your application in March 2024.

Applications for bursaries are now closed.