At IIC 2019 trainees were able to submit posters to be available for viewing and comment in the course app. We hope to offer this opportunity at IIC 2022: abstracts will be invited to be submitted to the course organiser by email, the deadline will be 1 March 2022. You will be advised of the outcome by 1 April 2022.


Submission guidelines:

  • The abstract should not exceed 250 words in total and must be structured into separate sections.
  • The following format for the individual abstract should be used:
    • Title not exceeding 16 words
    • Authors and affiliations including contact details for the presenting author
    • Background & Research question including context and purpose of the study
    • Methods* including rational why a particular method was chosen to answer the research question
    • Results* can be ranging from work in progress, to preliminary data, to more conclusive results
    • Conclusion including problems encountered and expectations for future results and work
  • Indicate the category and choose from the following options: clinical audit/case report or case series/literature review/clinical trial/basic science/systematic review
  • *if a case or case series is presented, the methods and results can be changed to Case description(s)
  • Use only standard abbreviations. Place special or unusual abbreviations in parentheses after the full word appears the first time.
  • Use generic names of drugs. Express numbers as numerals.


Guidance for Poster Preparation

A poster typically includes a short title, names of the authors, an abstract, an introduction, an overview of your sources and key results, and your conclusions. An effective poster usually includes no more than 750 words total. Use illustrations, figures and tables to present the key findings of your study. Conclusions are easily summarized by using a bullet-point style of writing. A reference list is not part of a poster. Provide your contact details.

The poster layout should be in portrait and the dimensions should not exceed 90cm wide and 120cm long. Use a white background. Font size should be large/bold enough (font size minimum 16) to be read from a distance of 2 metres. Structure the poster by using text boxes (arranged in 2 or 3 columns works generally very well) for the individual sections and provide clear headings (e.g. introduction/methods/results/conclusion).

Clinical photographs to visualize a clinical presentation of a disease should be maximum 15 x 15 cm.

Posters MUST conform to the following guidelines:

  • concern paediatric infectious disease or paediatric immunology
  • contain original observations that have not been previously published
  • only contain data and images collected with appropriate consent and, if required, ethical approval
  • can be in the format of clinical/epidemiological observational or trial data, audit data, laboratory analysis or case report

Delegates will be able to contact the authors to ask questions and comment via a facility within the course App.

Posters must be submitted in the form of a PDF by 9am on 29 May 2022 in order to be included in the App. The document size limit is 10MB.


We will acknowledge receipt of your email. If haven't heard from us within 10 days please get in touch.